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Louis Vuitton Small Ring Agenda

I wanted a new agenda for this year, as my previous one was looking worn out. I wanted a simple but classy design. In my search I ended up getting the Louis Vuitton in Black Epi leather. I went for the small size as I keep mine in my bag most of the time. It came beautifully packaged. Here it is! Inside. You must remember it comes empty, you have to buy the inserts separately. I went for the complete refill, which comes with a few extras. The complete refill set. The inserts have a gold edge. I am very pleased with my purchase, and hope to get a lot of use out of it. Price for the agenda cover is £230, and the complete refill is £47.  

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Accessories Right Now

The crystal and bead bracelets have been really popular for a while now so I decided to buy one. I chose one charm to start with and I'm loving it. Everyone from Thomas Sabo to Warren James have a version of it. Let me know what your favourite charms are and how you wear it.

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