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The Lip Product Tag!

  I absolutely loved buynowbloglater's post on this, so I decided to do it too. I love Lipstick. But I do have a certain preference for a mauve toned pink, I feel the most comfortable wearing this type of lip colour. Favourite balm or treatment Hand down it is By Terry's Baume de Rose. The pinky magical stuff is love, I haven't found anything better. Before my marriage to the Baume de Rose, my favourite was the Gale Hayman lip lift, which I still buy and carry with me, its small size and lipstick form makes it the perfect travel companion. I have also been liking the Creme De La Mer lip balm, (I normally can't stand minty lip balms) and I'm making my way through the Hourglass No 28 lip oil treatment.  …

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 Ellis Red

A red lipstick is a difficult thing to wear, and wear well. Everyone should own at least one red lipstick. But there are so many reds to choose from, also given that certain reds work better on you than other reds. Enter Ellis Faas L101 creamy lips "ELLIS RED" A true blood red. This red works on everybody regardless of your skin colour. This is true as I have seen and used this on different skin tones. The reason for this is because the colour is based on blood. Absolutely gorgeous.

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