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Clarins Enchanted Eyes Palette

The Clarins Enchanted Eyes Palette is so beautiful to look at that you don't want to use it! After staring at it for a few days I dived in. Having used it a few times it's not the greatest formula but decent. There is a lot of fallout from the lightest shade, also it didn't wear that great for me. Even with primer it started to crease on me after about six hours. The problem is with so many brands who have great eyeshadow formula's Clarins seem to be a bit behind, but are stepping up with presentation.

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YSL Pure Chromatics – Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Quad in no 9 Stone

YSL Pure Chromatics in Stone 09 is the latest addition to the wet-dry formula. I love this palette and have already bought a back-up. It goes on like a dream, lasts all day. I have tried YSL eye shadows in the past but have not liked them, yet this is so beautiful. All four colours have shimmer in them but it's a glowing shimmer, it's enchanting and sophisticated and classy. I have not used them wet as I like a more softer look but you can if you want to. Most times in quads there is always one colour that you don't use as much but I'm glad to say I've been using all four in this one and they really go together. Love, highly recommended. For £39 you get 3g of product. I…

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The Body Shop Colour Glide lipstick in no 10 Soft Heather

The Body Shop's colour glide lipstick in no 10 Soft Heather is holy grail material for me. I've gone through so many of these that I have lost count. This is my daily nude and I feel naked without it. I can't wear those nudes that a lot of people wear (think Mac Myth or Gosh Darling) as it makes me look like a zombie extra from The Walking Dead. At £9 it gives the more expensive lipsticks a lot to answer for. It's also incredibly moisturising and long wearing. Nothing more to say really. 

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YSL Rouge pur Couture Glossy Stain lip stain in no 4

Everybody raves about these YSL Glossy Stains like they are the best things since sliced bread. Yet again I seem to be the only one that these don't seem to work for. My problem is that there are not enough lighter colours. Yes there is one but it's way too light for me and as for the orangeish colour well I don't do orange. The darker colours are fine but hardly ones you could wear at Tesco's or at seven in the morning now are they. Also I don't (yet) have any lines around my lips so I'm wondering what somebody with lines would do. The first layer I put on gets everywhere and the following layers just add to the already intense colour (the colour is darker on the lips). Basically a mess. The first time…

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Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation in Warm Ivory

One of the problems for me is that most foundations are not moisturising enough for my rough flaky skin. While the By Terry Plumping Fluid Foundation is my favourite I was looking for something else that was moisturising. So when I heard about the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation I had to give it a go. I do like it, it is moisturising and the pot will last for ever. However I don't know if I'll repurchase it because it doesn't quite blend out on me for some reason. When I try to blend it in, it sort of rolls off and is a total mess with a brush. Yes avoid a brush at all cost. But what I am most upset about is the fact that it isn't really as moisturising as it claims to be.…

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