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Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow 04 Keshizumi

This is my first Suqqu palette, and it wont be my last! I have been spellbound by Asian beauty guru's raving about Suqqu, that whilst I really didn't need another neutral taupe palette, I went ahead and bought it. I was not disappointed. The four colors consist of a matte white, a shimmery purple taupe, a shimmery grey silver, and a matte deep purple brown. A closer look. In direct sunlight. In the shade. The beautiful packaging. The information. The wear was very good. It lasted all day on top of UD Potion Primer, with no fading or creasing. Suqqu is available at Selfridges,  this palette is priced at £45.

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Nars Mati Hari Blush

Nars Mati Hari blush was one I hesitated to get as I thought it would be too similar to Desire, which while I love, I find it hard to wear. However the two are not similar at all. Whilst Desire is a warm shocking pink that will show up quite vivid and strong on most skin tones, Mati Hari is more of a cool toned mauve pink. It also goes on less harshly and is more forgiving. I've took pictures in direct sunlight and in the shade to give you more of an idea of the different tones it pulls. The one in the shade is more true to life. Nars blushes have always been a favorite of mine and Mati Hari is no exception. I always purchase my Nars products from Space Nk.…

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