- Month: January 2014 -

Dior Holiday Couture Collection Eye Designer Palette

I fell in love with this palette as soon as I saw it, it was love at first sight. The colours are my dream go to, that I try to find in other palettes but here they are all in one. And encased in the most beautiful Dior case. I don't remember loving any other palette so much. It consists of a peachy neutral satin base shade, a deep mauve brown crease shade, a fairy twinkling shimmery sheer shade, and a black liner shade. The shades give a light polished day look and have enough pigment to go dark and dramatic. ¬†Beautiful. My most favourite purchase from all the holiday collections.  

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I've been loving Amouage lately, as well as full sized bottles they do some amazing gifts. Here are some of my favourites. The miniature set, which has 6 of their fragrances to try.   The included fragrances are Lyric, Jubilation, Reflection, Gold, Dia and Epic. I have to say I found Epic the most difficult to wear, it is so not me, with very strong green notes. Dia is beautiful as is Gold. ¬†However I purchased a few other items in Lyric, which I found strangely bewitching. The travel spray It comes with three refills, in total you get 40ml. The solid perfume You also get 2 refills. If you like heady, luxurious, different perfume, definitely check Amouage out. Available at Harrods and Selfridges.

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