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LA Splash cosmetics are all over Instagram, for all the right reasons. Especially their liquid lip paints. These are budge proof lipsticks that go on liquid and dry to a matte finish. Once dry they won’t move until you remove them. They remove with any oil based waterproof makeup remover (think Lancome Bi Facil). I’ve played around with these and they are at their most long wearing when applied to clean lips. If you apply over lip balm they don’t last. So to get the best use out of them apply to dry lips. This can be a problem if you (like me) have sore or very dry lips, as this will emphasize the flaky bits. So good lip preparation is a must. For me these are not a daily lip product but great for occasions where you don’t have to worry about reapplying, or that the red lipstick you wore is all over your face at dinner, or on a windy day when your hair slaps the gloss all over your face and you turn into a sticky shiny mess.

Here are the shades I picked up.

Charmed: Lovely “my lips but better” pinky nude

Love Good: Beautiful dusky mauve

Ghoulish: Taupe nude, darker than Charmed

Rose Garden: Bright vibrant rose pink. I found this the hardest to wear as it jumps from my face!

Poison Apple: Snow White Red. Very dramatic. Very lovely.20150415_113347




Left to right: Charmed, Ghoulish, Love Good, Rose Garden, Poison Apple.

Their website:

Ps, delivery was super fast to the UK and no nasty customs surprise either!



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