Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter in 106 Parme Silhouette


I am obsessed with this lipstick by Givenchy, the new Le Rouge A Porter. I’m almost done with my first tube! When these first came out I did my usual eye roll at the fact that Givenchy were also trying to milk in on this new balm lipstick thing that everyone is doing. However this is different, the texture is a dream. It’s not too glossy or gloopy, like some can be. This hugs your lips in a balmy colourful velvety way. The fragrance is rather unique, I can’t think of a way to describe it, but it smells like it feels, velvet. Imagine a moist velvet rose petal. I just want to reapply over and over so I can have that feeling. I am addicted to this which is rather worrying, as I’m nearly at the end of the tube, but thankfully I have managed to stash up before they sold out. By sold out I mean this 106 shade. All the other shades are available but both my local Givenchy counters in Debenhams and House of Fraser have sold out of this shade. There is also some confusion as to whether these are permanent or not.







2015-04-19 20.19.58

2015-04-19 20.19.00


Mine were purchased from Harrods, who are currently doing a gift with purchase, but also have a limited amount of a Le Rouge A Porter tote bags and lots of lovely samples when you purchase this lipstick.
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