Lipstick Diaries: Bite Beauty, Kat Von D, Edward Bess, Lime Crime, Nudestix, Kevin Aucoin, Sephora


Lip products are my kryptonite, it’s the one product that really gets me excited about makeup more than anything else. Here are a few products worth me ranting about.

  1. Edward Bess Lasting Kiss enhancing lip stain in Au Naturel  A lovely long wearing liquid lipstick by Edward Bess in a bright pink colour. The name is a bit misleading, there’s nothing natural about this shade, in fact its a very bright pink. The formula is amazing, opaque in one swipe and very long lasting. Not quite a stain but more of the liquid paint type formula.
  2. Kat Von D lipstick in Lovecraft  Another much loved shade, this lipstick is almost always out of stock everywhere. A semi matte finish and warm rosy colour makes it very appealing to almost everyone. Can’t go wrong with one.
  3. Bite Beauty Luminous crème lipstick in Cava  A lilac beige in a luxurious creamy formula, opaque coverage and very smoothing on the lips. A winner.
  4. Nudestix lip pen in Bare  This one I wasn’t so crazy about. The formula was quite harsh on my sensitive lips, making them peel and burn slightly. I know it’s described as a tingling sensation, but it can be quite uncomfortable. Having said that I don’t get on with any of these tingling products.
  5. Lime Crime Velveteen in Cashmere  This is the big one, the cult product that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE goes on about. This when out of stock at its retailers sells for ridiculous amounts of money on EBay. So why is it so cult? Probably as with most things that get hyped up on social media, its the “they have it, so must I” syndrome. The actual lipstick is a liquid paint that once dry doesn’t budge. If you have dry lips you will hate this, although if you have dry lips or not it doesn’t really matter because you end up with dry lips anyway once this sets on your lips. Now depending on what you eat, this can last about 6 hours. If you eat anything greasy it wears of and leaves a very unflattering ring ( think Baywatch ) around the edges. The big deal with this of course is the colour, a grey lavender taupe hybrid makes this unique. There are dupes out there but none exact. I wear this with lip balm, so I don’t get any long wearing benefits but it does make it more wearable on a trip to Tesco’s.
  6. Sephora lip liner in Native Nude  A real nice surprise this one, a fraction of the cost of something similar and really good quality. This is gorgeous and a good neutral colour that will go with everything.
  7. Kevin Aucoin the flesh tone lip pencil in Medium  The cult lip liner by Kevin Aucoin is a good staple to have to define and what its used for the most, to alter your lip line. Medium is a neutral that leans more brown.

Below are more pictures and numbered swatches.








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