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Tom Ford Lips and Boys


When it was announced that there would be a limited edition collection of mini lipsticks in 50 shades by Tom Ford a few months ago, I was looking forward to it as I’m a big fan of Tom Ford lipsticks. Excited by the huge shade selection I went to Selfridges to explore. First thing is these are very small. There is 2g of lipstick here compared to the regular TF size of 3g. Next the shade selection. There are a lot of bright colours, bold, unique and bright. I decided to go for the more safer pink and nude shades. Stavros, the colour that sold out the first almost everywhere was not one I would ever wear. These are still available in most of the more mainstream shades, both online and in store. Are they a must buy? No, but they are damn cute! In the US and Asia there was a holder available when you bought a certain number, we here in the UK weren’t considered for this. In fact we usually miss out on a lot of products, I think company’s should consider us next time. I was lucky enough to have a friend send me one of her spare one’s from America.



From left to right: Alexander, Julien, Gustavo, Flynn, Orlando, Diego, Addison.

Alexander, bright florescent pink.

Julien, mauve pink.

Gustavo, 80’s brown.

Flynn, light bright pink.

Orlando, nude beige with shimmer.

Diego, bright orange red.

Addison, pink peach (pink dusk in the regular line).


The lighter more wearable shades.

DSC_0328Top to bottom: Julien, Addison, Orlando, Flynn.




Julien, Flynn, Diego.


The case to display them.DSC_0370



My favourite out of all the colours, Julien.DSC_0371



Size comparison alongside the full and mini gift with purchase lipsticks.




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